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The merchandise section of the website is open but please note that, in order to prepare for our 10th anniversary registration launch, it will close again at 1900hrs on Friday 17th March 2017.

Some 10th anniversary items of merchandise and the opening of registration for RTTW 2017 will be at 1900hrs on Friday 31st March 2017.

As in previous years, you will be able to purchase your 2017, 10th ANNIVERSARY, t-shirt, for only £10 if you order AT THE SAME TIME as registering. If you order the t-shirt at any other time it will be the normal price of £15.

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Start Locations around the UK

RTTW has evolved into a unique motorcycling event and 2016 will be our 9th Year.

In 2016 there are 11 starting points, around the country, including Drayton Manor, to allow riders to gather for the event.

Each starting place will have clearly identifiable RTTW marshals to assist, along with full toilet and refreshment facilities to allow riders to rest prior to the start.

Please start with a full tank of petrol, be bike legal and road-worthy.

There will be no petrol stops en-route to the NMA.

Once the departure time is reached, marshals will assist with exiting the start point and event marshals will lead riders from each departure point direct to the National Memorial Arboretum.

An average distance of around 75 miles (85-minutes max/ride) depending on your chosen motorway route and 20/30 miles for the A- Road routes.

Arrival at the Arboretum will be timed to allow plenty of time to wander around the grounds and have lunch before the main remembrance service commences.

Drayton Manor

Will be used for:

Due to Health and Safety requirements, spaces are limited to 850 motorcycles so please ensure you register early to ensure your place.

Wolseley Bridge and Donington

Wolseley Bridge Garden Centre (Route 5) and Donington services (Route 10) are intended to accommodate riders who may be restricted from using our motorway routes due to the engine size or vintage of their motorcycle.

Due to the limited parking at Wolseley Bridge Garden Centre (start point 5) there is a limit of 250 bikes. RTTW marshals will be on hand to help with parking and marshalling the ride to the NMA.

When booking a place on this route please consider that other riders (as above) may have no choice but to use this start point.

Riders from Belgium Legion Group riding with Thierry

Please registration for Route 4 from Cherwell Valley Services (M40)

Registering as "making your own way" to RTTW

Due to the increasing numbers of registered riders, the Directors, Trustees and Committee would advise that you support RTTW by riding from one of the official start points.

This is to ensure that everyone attending this day of Remembrance and Respect can ride together and share a unique experience with as few hold ups as possible.

If you are organizing a large group (100 bikes or more) to ride directly to the NMA without being part of an organized ride, please contact stating:

This is necessary to avoid any conflict between your ride and an official ride en-route and when arriving at the NMA.

Thank you for your cooperation.


All services operators are very much looking forward to welcoming Ride to The Wall 2016 riders.

Please note: We have been informed by the service station operators that there is a two-hour parking limit at the services, this is managed and monitored externally and, as much as they would like to, they cannot extend this limit on a local basis.

So, by all means get there early and use all the facilities, but be mindful of the two-hour limit.

Toll Road M6 - T4 Toll Gate

For all routes that use the M6 Toll road, please note that by kind permission of the Toll road operator, Midland Expressway, no charge will be made to Ride to the Wall 2016 riders, on the inbound journey only, when exiting the M6 toll at T4 & T5.

Thank you for supporting RTTW.

Start Locations


RTTW (Ride To The Wall) accepts no legal liability for accident, injury, loss or damage incurred whilst attending the RTTW, irrespective of any guidance or instruction from Officers, Marshals or Representatives of RTTW. You must ensure both the safety of yourselves, the general public and event attendees. By participating in the RTTW you agree to these conditions