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The merchandise section of the website is open but please note that, in order to prepare for our 10th anniversary registration launch, it will close again at 1900hrs on Friday 17th March 2017.

Some 10th anniversary items of merchandise and the opening of registration for RTTW 2017 will be at 1900hrs on Friday 31st March 2017.

As in previous years, you will be able to purchase your 2017, 10th ANNIVERSARY, t-shirt, for only £10 if you order AT THE SAME TIME as registering. If you order the t-shirt at any other time it will be the normal price of £15.

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Scroll of Remembrance

The following are being remembered through Ride To The Wall This Year

Frederick Challis

Captain Rupert Bowers, Lance Corporal Kieron Hill


Rgr Steven Waller

"Uncle" Deb Sutton

"Y" Services, 1939 to today.

(Rocket) Ron Williams 1965-1998

108792 William Rees Smith

24242822 Peter Kavanagh

24366203 Cpl SR Mcgonigle 1 WFR Killed on Active service in NI 1989

24507759 Pte FF Slough, 2 PARA, Falklands, 1982

2Bn Scots Guards


A V Hathaway, Graham Tropman

Aaron HAmer

Aaron McClure

Able Seaman C.J. Irish R.N.

Adam Brown 40 cdo Royal Marines

Adam Brown, Nigel Rowberry

AJ Collins

Al King, Bill Graham.

Alan Barnes, Colin Barnes

Alan Brackenbury

Alan George Fone

alan henry Robbins 1899-1954.

Alan Hitchen

Alan Killackey, Kyle Killackey

Alan Ward

Albert Harbron

Albert Victor Hathaway

Alex Greig

Alexander basa

Alexander Beaton Nixon Sutton

Alexander MacDonald MAC

Alexandre basa

Alexandre basa

Alfred Charles Perry

Alfred Green

Alfred knight, Doug Atkins

Alfred Perry, Edward Perry, Frederick Perry, Samuel Perry, James Perry, George Westwood, Enoch Nock